No auctions this week..

.. as I’m swamped preparing material for the Baltimore Comic Con (Sept 8th & 9th).. The auctions will resume next Monday.. Wish me luck! ¬†ūüôā



Endtown 6/14/11 – 6/15/11



Holly very nearly becomes a fellow mutant’s late night snack in this action-loaded double-sided original from June 14th and 15th, 2011. India ink and assorted smudges on archival bristol board. ¬†As always, all proceeds help keep Endtown alive and kicking.. Thank you!

starting bid: $30

Holly & Wally “Quicker than the Eye”

Yes, I know that real mice aren’t particularly fond of cheese, but cartoon mice waitresses love it! ¬† Also, don’t ask where Wally got all the vegetables and a complete wheel of cheese down in food-scarce Endtown.. ¬†Just think about how groovy this would look in your kitchen! ¬†India ink and colored pencil on archival bristol board..

starting bid: $30

Endtown 7/4/12 – 7/30/12

Here’s an interesting contrast.. One one side, Flask inadvertently blowing herself up and flying through a plate glass window.. on the other, a romantic interlude with Holly and Wally in a prison cell.. ¬†Something for everybody! ¬† India ink on archival bristol board.. ¬†Also absorbent and¬†combustible.

Starting bid: $30

Flask color portrait

First on the auction block this week is this color portrait of Ms. Philomena “Blackie” Flask, clad as always in her stylish form-fitting jumpsuit and looking not altogether pleased about something. ¬†India ink and color pencils on archival bristol board. Please give my emotionally damaged cat-woman a good home, won’t you? Thank you..

Starting bid: $30

Endtown 6/5/09 – 6/8/09

“Well, there’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey..” ¬†Up for auction this week is this double-sided original from Endtown‘s first year.. This June 5th, 2009 ¬†installment features the most graphic depiction of a mutation in the strip yet shown and I felt it was.. um.. interesting enough to showcase it on the back cover of the first volume. ¬†On the reverse is the Monday follow-up. ¬†India ink on archival bristol board..

Starting bid $30

Aaron Marx color portrait

By request (another T-shirt design), here is a full length, full color portrait of Endtown newcomer Aaron Marx.. India ink and color pencil on archival bristol board. ¬†Will last until dark matter pulls it apart in the final moments before the universe ends. ¬†At least, that’s what I was told down at the art supply store.

Starting bid: $30