Holiday Rivalry

Okay, gang.. Trying something a little different for the next four weeks.  Between now and Christmas, each hand-colored original drawing up for auction will also be available as a signed, suitable-for-framing print for only $20 (includes s&h).  This week’s drawing is entitled “Holiday Rivalry” in which Holly finally gets the upper hand after being trounced by Professor Mallard and his pumpkin carving machine at Halloween.  Ink and colored pencils on archival bristol board.  Guaranteed until the sun goes nova.

starting bid: $30

.. and here’s how the print will look:

Only $20.  Contact me at to order.


The Duke and Duchess

Trying to get back into the swing of things with this color portrait of the Duke and Duchess, aka alternate-reality Flask and Marx.  Ink and colored pencils on archival bristol board.

starting bid: $30