Over the past month, I’ve received a number of requests for a print of the Holly & Wally “Dancing” image I drew for Anthrocon..  Having never scanned and saved the original version of that image, I went ahead and drew a new version.  Ink and colored pencils on archival bristol board.

starting bid: $30

.. and here’s the signed print version.. a mere $20 (includes s/h).  Contact me at aaronneathery@gmail.com for details.

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  1. patjade

     /  December 31, 2012

    Holly is waltzing her way into Wally’s heart. $50

  2. patjade

     /  January 3, 2013

    Looks like I’ll be getting this gem for a song. Play me a happy tune there, Wally!

    • Auction closed.. Congratulations, patjade!

      • patjade

         /  January 5, 2013

        Wow, color me flabbergasted! Payment is sent and I’m going to find a nice frame and a place to hang this one.

  3. wish i had the money for this origional to beat you. go ahead. But ill beat you next time. lol. Either way, win or lose.. Aaron and Endtown win!


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