Sitting Pretty

Was going to title this Flask portrait “Kitty Sitting Pretty” but that would have been too cute by half, I think.. not so much that I won’t mention it, though.  Ink wash on archival bristol board.

Starting bid: $30

Signed print: $20 shipped



Okay.. Would have had this ready at least by Monday night but I had to take into consideration the qualities of the new bristol board I’m working with.  Unlike the 157 lb Bordon & Reilly bristol vellum I’d been using, the cheaper 100 lb Utrecht’s bristol doesn’t hold onto the ink as readily.  Unless given enough time to “cure”,  apparently up to six freaking hours, the ink comes right off when trying to erase the pencil preliminary.  And knowing that I’d ultimately be applying an ink wash, I had to let the original line drawing set for as long as possible to make sure the lines wouldn’t smear under the brush.  Anyhoo, here’s the resultant ink wash study of Maude “Maw” Hefner, looking alluring in her bathrobe.  I’m probably going to pick up a set of primary colored inks when I’m next at the supply store and see if how a full color wash might turn out.

Starting bid: $30

And I can set this up as a signed print for anyone who might be interested.  Contact me at

Renewable Energy

I’m back!  Captain Flask putting her rodent minions to good use.  Ink and colored pencils on archival bristol board.

starting bid: $30

.. and here’s the signed print.  $20 shipped.  Contact me at for details.