By (multiple) request.  And Logan gets the seegar for guessing her name.. well, mostly.  Her full name is Velda Van der Veezel.   Ink, ink wash, and watercolor on archival bristol board.

starting bid: $30


“Marx Askance” and “Flower Child”

Two auctions this week..  An ink wash of Marx for one of the new Endtown volumes and a nice little ink and watercolor image of Holly just because..  Should you choose to bid, be sure to note which drawing (or drawings) you’re bidding on.

Starting bid (for either): $30

The Chase (v.2)

I’m working on the graphics for the next two Endtown volumes and realized that I didn’t have a high-res line drawing for the Holly & Wally “Chase” image to use.. so I re-drew it from scratch and added some ink wash tones.  I rather like this version and think it would look very classy framed.

Starting bid: $30

Signed prints available for a mere $20 shipped.