Fantastically Ugly Mutant v. Man in Hat 2-fer!

The freshest original strips to be auctioned off yet!  These date from those dear, long ago days of the past two weeks ( 11/29, 12/2-4) and feature Lyn, a freckled man in a hat, matching wits with what is truly the ugliest mutant yet seen in Endtown.  As always, these are four originals on two sheets of bristol board (front and back).  Winning bid takes ’em all!

starting bid: $30

Auction ends at midnight CST of Wednesday, December 11th.


Endtown’s Big Reveal

I was rummaging through my Art Bin and came across this original artwork for a very early and, in the scheme of things, fairly significant Endtown strip from 2009.  This is the very first appearance of Endtown itself within the strip.. Fun fact:  Endtown was originally conceived as a complex of abandoned missile silos, but I ditched the idea a couple of weeks before drawing this as there would have been no adequate way (I felt) to establish the setting with this kind of  splash panel “reveal”. It would have been been necessary to have Al or someone else explain the locale, and I always prefer, whenever possible, to show rather than tell.  Also included is a “second take” drawing of Al used for the strip immediately preceding this one.

Starting bid: $30

Auction ends at midnight CST of Wednesday, December 11th.